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Brownfields Assessments

Capabilities Customers
- Phase II & III ESAs - States
- Subsurface Investigations - Municipalities
- Conceptual Site Models - Regional Planners
- Plume delineation - Development Entities
- Remedial Alternative Plans  
- Remedial Approach Pilot Tests  
- Pre-approved Generic QAPPs - EPA Regions 1/3/4

AES has current experience performing Brownfields Assessments in EPA Regions 1, 3, 4, and 6.  This experience uniquely equips AES to help meet redevelopment goals of municipalities, regional planning/development entities, and the EPA.  AES has pre-approved Region 1, 3, and 4 generic Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) which will greatly reduce the cost and effort necessary to complete individual projects.

From our experience in the performance of brownfield assessment and technical support services, we understand brownfields assessments need to be designed to assist states, municipalities, and other stakeholders with the clean up, and sustainable redevelopment of properties that are underutilized due to perceived or actual environmental contamination. AES’s technical support in this process can go well beyond the scope of an environmental site assessment and often includes the need to clearly and concisely convey property information, provide an understanding of regulations, and provide a means to prepare a site for developer readiness.  Brownfields assessments are designed to provide a head start towards site redevelopment.

As a current Prime Contractor for multiple, concurrent EPA Brownfields contracts, AES is uniquely qualified to perform brownfield assessments.  AES has in-depth knowledge of EPA and state regulatory requirements and the technical expertise to administer and execute the TBA program.  Our pre-approved generic QAPPs, will enable our clients to focus funds on public involvement and maximizing the depth and quality of the assessments.  AES has completed numerous brownfield projects for EPA and has collectively conducted hundreds of assessments for federal, state, municipal, and commercial clients.  Our in house technical expertise includes registered professional engineers, geologists, and licensed site professionals.  AES has the proven ability to manage and execute multiple, concurrent brownfield projects, as evidenced by successful execution of five Brownfield contracts from EPA over the last five years.

 Location Scope 


Plant City, Florida Performed UST removals and a Phase II assessment at the former Petrol Mart #115 and former Ramco Service Center properties, located in Plant City, Florida. The EPA requested tank removal services in order to accurately fill in data gaps and thoroughly assess the locations. AES utilized teaming partner, AECOM, to execute much of the work associated with this project. The team of AES and AECOM developed a FTWP and Site Specific QAPP that was submitted to EPA, Florida DEP, and the municipality for review, comment, and approval. Upon receiving approval, AES and AECOM initiated field investigation activities. Field investigation activities included ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of the subsurface in areas where USTs and associated underground piping were suspected to be present, excavation and removal/disposal of four USTs, soil borings, monitoring well installations, and the collection of soil and groundwater samples that were submitted to a laboratory for analyses. AES prepared Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Reports and Underground Storage Tank Closure Reports that document all field activities associated with the removal of the four USTs.  2010
Radford, Virginia Conducted an AAI and ASTM Phase I ESA which identified 40 Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) on a 138-acre foundry site. Phase II activities included the collection of soil, sediment and groundwater samples.
Ludlow, Massachusetts Conducted AAI & ASTM Phase I ESA identifying over 35 RECs at a 135 acre former mill property. Phase II activities included advancement of test pits, soil borings, and groundwater monitoring wells. The work performed at this site leveraged funds for a $200 million redevelopment project.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida AES was tasked by the EPA to conduct underground storage tank (UST) removals and an ASTM Phase II compliant Targeted Brownfields Assessment of the site located on US Highway 89, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  After the tanks were removed and sample results obtained, a site specific Analysis of Brownfields Clean-up Alternatives, describing clean-up options and cost estimates for the clean-up was developed.
Brookfield, Massachusetts Conducted TBA activities at the former Brookfield Mills site. A MCP Phase III RAP and Phase IV RIP were prepared to achieve site closure, minimize future risk, and allow redevelopment and/or re-use of the property.
Lewiston, Maine Conducted TBA activities at the former Beech Street Mill (textile mill), on behalf of a local non-profit (Museum LA) who wanted to purchase and redevelop the mill as a museum. AES prepared a Targeted Brownfields Summary Report. Museum LA took ownership of the former mill in June 2009.
Tecumseh, Oklahoma Conducted ASTM Phase I and Phase II investigations at the former pipe facility. The Phase I identified 31 RECs. A Phase II ESA was completed for the property.
Providence, Rhode Island Conducted TBA activities at the former industrial facility. Prepared a Phase II ESA that met the requirements of a Rhode Island Investigation Report and a Remedial Action Plan.
Orange, Massachusetts Conducted an ASTM Phase I ESA at a former industrial property, on behalf of the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission. Since the publication of the Phase I report, the former industrial property was purchased by the stakeholder and has been redeveloped.
Essex, Massachusetts The site is located on the property of a historical shipyard and is operated by the Essex Historical Society, a non-profit organization. AES prepared a MCP Phase IV RIP. Remedial activities included the excavation of the heavily impacted soil and sediments, installation of an isolation barrier over accessible portions of the site, and the registration of an Activity and Use Limitation on the site.
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